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Alliance Photo Press is a photojournalism agency and image bank that licenses national and international photographs, as well as illustrations, strips and cartoons. Operating in the photography market since 2005, APP - Alliance Photo Press, which previously used the name Stock Pictures Maranhão Images, changed its name in the middle of 2020 and now serves by APP. The APP is an indispensable tool for customers looking for good images to add even more value to their publications.

We cover the main journalistic facts in the country (sports, politics, economics, daily life, police, etc.) daily, making the images available on our system quickly and with quality. All material produced on the day is directed, on the following day, to our online file, which can be accessed and purchased with ease. In addition to daily news coverage, we also have an image bank with the most varied subjects (agriculture, tourism, personalities, etc.) and we take care of researches of textbook publishers, advertising agencies, communication agencies, etc. We have a wide network of partner photographers spread across Brazil, Europe and which allows us to quickly respond to news coverage, photographic productions, business events and other services. To access the images and learn more about our work, register on our system. It will be a pleasure to meet your company's needs and look for ways to serve them in the best possible way.

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APP - Alliance Photo Press

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14. The USER is solely responsible for acquiring the additional rights necessary for the use of the FILE, whether these rights of the photographed person or others that are not explicitly mentioned in the use license provided by the APP and informed on the website, in the CAPTION / IPTC of the file or documented in the marketing order.

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